Yuneec Q500 Accessories Guide – with survey results

Yuneec Q500 accessories

Here we are again! After the successful accessories guide for DJI Phantom 3 and Parrot Bebop, last month we run a survey about Yuneec Q500 accessories.

And we got 101 fantastic responses from the passionate community of Q500 drone pilots!
The answers helped us putting together the most comprehensive accessory guide around.

Yuneec is a well-respected drone brand that is growing popularity, and for good reasons. The Q500 series provide excellent quadcopters, reliable machine and innovative features.

In this article we’ll share with you the list of most popular,  most wanted and most dreamed accessories for your current or future Yuneec Q500 quadcopter, together with the results of the survey… for the statistics.

This article is divided in parts:


Yuneec Q500 Series

The Q500 comes in three flavors.

Q500 4K

The latest and greatest, with 4K camera and steadygrip.

NEW Yuneec Q500 4K Quadcopter APV with CGO3 Camera, 2 Batteries, 2 Sets of Propellers, Aluminum Case, Steadygrip


Improved version of the original model, new camera CG02+ with improved lens.

Yuneec Q500+ Typhoon Quadcopter with Aluminum Case, Free 32 GB Micro SD Card and Handheld CGO SteadyGrip Gimbal. Extra Battery and Extra Propellers Included.


The original, that started shipping back in December 2014.

Q500 Typhoon Quadcopter with 1080P 60FPS HD Video Camera, 3-Axis Gimbal and Personal Ground Station. Extra Battery & Extra Rotors Included.




The accessories for Yuneec Q500/Q500+/Q500 4K


Q. How likely do you buy props?

Q500 props

Not at all 4 4%
Maybe 26 25.7%
Most likely 36 35.6%
Absolutely 35 34.7%

The most wanted accessory for the Q500 are the propellers. The two sets of props already included in the package clearly aren’t enough, but if you consider how easy is to bent one of them it’s no surprise that sooner than later you’ll need some spare blades.

Yuneec sells them divided in set A (clockwise) and set B (counter-clockwise), depending on the mounting position.

Recommended props:

Yuneec Propeller Rotor Blade Sets A and B for Q500/ Q500+ / Q500 4K

“I bought Props by Yuneec. Very satisfied” – a not too chatty respondent.


Q. How likely do you buy extra batteries?

Yuneec Q500 batteries?

Not at all 4 4%
Maybe 26 25.7%
Most likely 36 35.6%
Absolutely 35 34.7%


 No surprise here. You don’t take your bird out in a sunny day for just the 50 minutes provided by the 2 batteries included!
Yuneec’s pilots wants more fun and more flying time… And the solution is one click away…
Recommended batteries, get a pack of two:

Yuneec 5400mAh LiPo 4K 3S 11.1V 3C LiPo Battery for Q500, Q500+ and Q500 Quadcopter (2)

34.7% of respondents will absolutely buy spare batteries. 35.6%, only most lilely!


Extra charger

Q. How likely do you buy an extra charger?

Yuneec Q500 extra charger
Not at all 39 38.6%
Maybe 22 21.8%
Most likely 22 21.8%
Absolutely 18 17.8%
Extra chargers are the 3rd most wanted accessory, even if a good 38% of the respondents seem not interested in it.
I guess it all depends on how many batteries you have already.
Recommended extra charger:

Dynamite Prophet Sport Quattro 4 x 100W AC/DC Charger

“Dynamite sport quattro charger. Very pleased. Seems to take just a little longer to charge than the Duo, but seems more precise and thorough for charging each cell.” – an happy owner.


Travel Case / Backpack

Q. How likely do you buy a travel case/backpack?

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Yuneec Q500 backpack

Not at all 45 44.6%
Maybe 33 32.7%
Most likely 10 9.9%
Absolutely 13 12.9%

We should have asked how many folks bought their Q500 with the aluminium case included, for $100 extra that’s a real bargain.

But reading through the survey results I see that few pilots made their own case.
A common complain is that the Yuneec aluminium case has no foam inserts… if this is you problem, here the solution:

Transporting a quadcopter like the Q500 without a proper box it’s simply unthinkable for me.

Recommended travel solution:

Condition 1 Watertight Large Case with Foam Water Proof/Dust Proof Dry Box

“Condition 1 case, works great and carries everything!” – an happy customer.


FPV System

Q. How likely do you buy a FPV system?

FPV system
Not at all 39 38.6%
Maybe 42 41.6%
Most likely 8 7.9%
Absolutely 12 11.9%
There’s no clear indication about FPV goggles, but there’s a winner Wi-Fi booster and antennas: FVPLR.
Recommended FPV system:

FPVLR Basic Antenna

“Great product. 4,000 ft. Added boosters and obtained 7,900.” – A reviewer


Car charger

Q. How likely do you buy a car charger?

Q500 car charger

Not at all 61 60.4%
Maybe 24 23.8%
Most likely 11 10.9%
Absolutely 5 5%

Q500 users aren’t much into cars. Or at least, car chargers. Surely a regular charger is faster and more precise, but anyway we’ve a recommended product that can be a nice addition to the arsenal.


Sun shade (for monitor)

Q. How likely do you buy a Sun shade?

Yuneec Q500 sunshade
Not at all 52 51.5%
Maybe 29 28.7%
Most likely 8 7.9%
Absolutely 12 11.9%

Some pilots complained about the sun shade included in the package. What to do then? DIY seems the answer, as we could not find any sun shade product specific for Q500.

Check this video:


GPS localizer

Q. How likely do you buy a GPS localizer?

Q500 GPS locator

Not at all 27 26.7%
Maybe 44 43.6%
Most likely 19 18.8%
Absolutely 11 10.9%

There’s definitely demand for this accessory, considering few of your answers to the question “Which accessory would you like to see available in the future?”:

  • a GPS / GLONASS kit to submit a Barometer.
  • GPS locator for recovery after crash… Parachute system. Longer flight times.
  • Bright headlights…gps locator
Recommended GPS tracker:

Trackimo trk12m Universal Personal GPS Tracker

“This is a good GPS tracker that works as described.” – a customer.


Camp chair with canopy

Spending long hours flying your bird in a sunny day? Why not having a comfortable chair that will even keep you in the shade!

chair with canopy Brylanehome Camp Chair With Canopy

“a great optional to have when spending afternoons in the sun!” – a user.




The respondents: who they are

The first questions were to understand who responded to our survey calls.


Do you own a Yuneec Q500?

Yuneec Q500 question1
Yes, Typhoon Q500 27 26.7%
Yes, Typhoon Q500+ 42 41.6%
Yes, Typhoon Q500 4K 36 35.6%
I’m about to buy 4 4%
No 2 2%


An impressive 94% of the respondent already own a Q500, that’s the highest rate of owners we got in our surveys.

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Of the different models, the Q500+ is the most popular followed not too far by the more recent Q500 4K model. A bit behind the original Q500 model, but really the numbers are quite close.


Have you already bought accessories for your Q500?

Yuneec Q500 question2

Yes! 65 64.4%
I’m choosing now 5 5%
No 31 30.7%

Over 60% of the respondents stated to have already bought accessories for their Q500. This confirm how big is this market, but a good 30% of the owners didn’t buy anything yet.

Hopefully our guide will get them inspired!


Which accessories have you bought?

Yuneec Q500 question3

Batteries 38 55.1%
Propellers 53 76.8%
Travel Case / Backpack 19 27.5%
FPV System 5 7.2%
Led / light kit 3 4.3%
Extra charger 22 31.9%
Car Charger 5 7.2%
Sun shade (for monitor) 12 17.4%
Replacement parts 13 18.8%
Other 13 18.8%

Obviously the 2 sets of propellers included in the box ain’t enough here!
It’s surprising to see them more popular than extra batteries. In all our surveys, batteries were first.

For Yuneec Q500 owners, the top 3 accessories are:

  1. Props
  2. Batteries
  3. Extra chargers


How satisfied are you with the Q500?

Yuneec Q500 question8

Not at all: 1 0%
2 2 2.1%
3 5 5.3%
4 31 32.6%
Very much: 5 57 60%

Standing ovation for Yuneec!! over 92% of the respondents are more than happy with their Q500. Isn’t this the ultimate prof that this is a great quadcopter?

Even better when we asked why.

Here are some of the best answers from people that gave a 5 star satisfaction:

  • I love the quality of the 4k video! It’s very stable and flies very well.
  • Easy to learn for a first timer … and the Q500 stays and goes were i want it to for photos and video. The copter handles very well in wind!!! and having the HQ in Ontario is a big plus for customer service !!!!!
  • Stable platform… practically flies itself
  • Very stable and quiet compared to Phantom
  • Very steady flight, no runaways, takes good video.
  • Better than any others I have owned from walkera and sk450
  • Easy to fly, reliable and so far great support from my reseller in Sweden.
  • Because it does exactly what its suppoes to do. Very stable, very good footage, low noise
  • Super stable quad that takes great pictures and video. Everything is included in the box, making this a true RTF quad.
  • Yuneec have produced a reliable product in the Q500 series. I am delighted to fly this aircraft for its stability and ease of use.
  • My first proper quadcopter after spending time reviewing what is about before I parted with my money. DJI was my initial first choice but after reading about poor after sales service and problems with it I binned that Idea which left Yuneec as my choice
  • I did a lot of research before I purchased and I felt yuneec was the best one out there. It suits my level of flying knowledge and still gives me chance to improve. Camera is great, flies ok, I like follow me / watch me
  • Well since I own two Phantoms and two QX 350s a protocol Manta and a couple Syma X5C’s I find it it a larger presence in the air and can see it line of sight for great distance and love built in monitor so no messing with phone putting on the radio. Yuneec customer service is next to none and the thing fly’s so stable and turtle rabbit mode comes in handy and the camera on it works great.
  • Everything you need to fly straight out the box + 2 battery’s and case and no problems so far.
  • I am new to this activity and the q500 4k is so easy to fly (in Turtle mode I must mention !). Love it so far.
  • This is the best platform I’ve had… way better than the DJI’s (I had phantom 3 pro and inspire, both selled… noisy, conectivity problems with the inspire). With the Q500, camera and gimbal are better, not so noisy, decent flight time, flies smoother than DJI’s, like the follow me/watch me options… I’d like to have way point navigation though.
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Here some feedback from 4 stars respondents:

  • Best bang for your buck, ready to fly, everything is included
  • Very reliable. . steady as a rock. . .good video
  • Because its so easy to fly, its very stable and has an excellent gps reciver. Cgo2+ should be better at fullhd. The image is not very sharp.
  • Range could be better
  • Two things I couldn’t stand: 1. The camera takes red-shifted footages in the sunshine and when the major color of the ground is red. Worse thing is that the proportion of red color changes in different angle making it hard to edit. 2. the drone is out of control when I yaw. The yawspin issue bothers me sometimes.
  • I do not like the altitude and location restrictions, i can not operate in warehouse type building because it is in the no fly zone. I wanted some indoor flight in large building.
  • Wi-fi drops out at times even after Yuneec replaced that board in the controller. Scary at times when it does this.
  • Had a technical issue after brought it. Fixed and working good.
  • This is my first RC anything. I like the complete ready to go kit with case, would have liked FPV flight capabilities (maybe a switch that allows you to knock the camera resolution down and get real time fpv video)
  • Geo Fence not adjustable for no fly zone.
  • Could be faster but overall an amazing bird!
  • An instruction manual would be nice!


Here some feedback from 3 stars respondents:

  • Camera is extremely low quality but drone itself is great
  • The Q500 unreliability, Europe many unrecognized problems by the support.
  • 2 big crash, the first flight RTH, fly-away, why? no answers, the Q500 changed warranty, second crash, while the battery was quite full and optimum flight conditions.4 engines cuts 15 meters from the ground, why? no responses to Yuneec.
  • We lose the video link about 200/300 meters, it is unfortunate that it is necessary buy a kit for improvement other than Yuneec a FPVLR kit is very expensive to bring in France (at least $ 450 with shipping).
  • Long wait times, poor customer support for older customers.


Here some feedback from 2 stars respondents:

  • Over priced comparing to similar models
  • I can not fly in my city because the height of my city



And now your turn: what’s your next accessory?


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