Walkera Voyager 4 – 16x optical zoom / 4G

Walkera Voyager 4 16x optical zoom - 4G

Walkera has announced the new Walkera Voyager 4 with 16x optical zoom and 4G.

In a news post on their website last week, Walkera announced that the new Walkera Voyager 4 will come with a camera that has 16x optical zoom.

This announcement comes only a weeks after DJI announced a new Z3 camera with 3.5x optical zoom for the DJI Inspire (with 2x digital zoom). The DJI Z3 camera offers the equivalent of a 22-77mm lens on the DJI Inspire. The Walkera Voyager’s camera seems to blow the zoom capabilities of the Z3 out of the water though. 16x optical zoom means the camera is capable of achieving the equivalent of a 1500mm lens. This means you would be able to get a similar image from over a mile (about a 1.5km mile) away. Quite a difference.

But this extreme zoom capability comes at a cost. The camera can only film in 1080P, not in 4K. This might be enough for a lot of consumers but both the Walkera Voyager and the DJI Inspire are prosumer models. They are aimed at, and priced for, the (semi-)professional market.  We will have to wait and see if 1080P is enough for that market segment.

Walkera Voyager 4Aside from the new camera the Walkera Voyager 4 will also support 4G. This means that it can be flown much further than has been possible so far. Technically, there is no longer a distance limit (as long as there is 4G reception). Although this sounds like a great feature (unlimited flight distance) in reality, it’ll just mean the quadcopter has the ability to fly further in areas with a lot of wifi interference. After all, most countries have regulation restricting how far you can fly (VLOS, XXX feet/meter).

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As of now no release date or price has been made available. All that Walkera has shared is a video (see news post) that has been reuploaded to YouTube by Gizmag)


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