Recent DJI updates


Recent DJI updates

We know a lot of you fly Phantoms. The DJI Phantom is the highest selling consumer drone on the market after all.  For those of you that do, as well as for those of you who are interested in them and other DJI products, here are some updates.

Phantom 4 battery charging hub

A product that has often been requested is a battery charging hub. After all, most Phantom owners have multiple batteries so they can keep flying for longer periods of time. DJI has listened to that request and has released the Phantom 4 battery charging hub.

The Phantom 4 Battery Charging Hub has been designed for use with the Phantom 4 Intelligent Flight Battery. When used with the Phantom 4 Battery Charger, it can charge up to three Intelligent Flight Batteries at the same time. The Intelligent Flight Batteries will be charged in sequence according to their power levels, from high to low. Alternatively, you can set the Phantom 4 Battery Charging Hub to Storage Mode. This allows the charging hub to keep the Phantom 4 Intelligent Flight Battery at a 50% charge, which is ideal for storage.

If you have more than 1 battery then the Phantom 4 battery charging hub will make your life a lot easier as you won’t have to keep changing batteries while you’re charging them. We definitely recommend it.

Currently, the Phantom 4 Battery Charging Hub is only available from and directly from DJI.

If you haven’t ordered extra batteries yet you can get those here.

DJI GO app can now stream to Facebook

After YouTube and Periscope it is now also possible to stream to facebook (currently only for Apple devices). If you have recently updated you may already have noticed this. If not, go check it out if you’re into live streaming.

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DJI cuts price Inspire 1 V2.0 – $1998

DJI hs recently made a drastic price cut which means the Inspire 1 V2.0 is now available for $1998. If you have been looking at getting started with DJI’s professional series instead of the consumer series (Phantom) this might be the right time for you to make that choice.

As soon as DJI announced this price cut rumors started circulating about a new Inspire model being released soon but this is as of yet unconfirmed by DJI.

The price cut appears to not have filtered down yet to all localized Amazon stores in Europe so if you still have the old price there you can also order directly from DJI by clicking here.

That’s it for the updates. Before you leave, have a look at our Top 100 Phantom 4 questions answered and let us know if you think we missed anything. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so we can let you know when we release new content.

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