Pocket Drone Gets KickStarter Funded

Pocket drone

By Bob Hammell

using drones for aerial photography

The hardware based startup AirDroids is working to create a drone that appeals to everyday consumers, even those with no flying experience.

As quadcopters, and drones in general, become more ubiquitous. AirDroids is aiming on creating one that has all the features that appeal to the masses.

To execute this their plan relies on simplifying all aspects of the drone: from assembly, to flying, to price. What they created looks to be right on track with that idea.

The co-founders, Tim Reuter, TJ Johnson, and Chance Roth have come up with an elegant way to make drones easily available to everyone.

Their initial thoughts were based around simply being able to obtain quality footage from an easy to use drone.

Since then their plan has morphed into a drone that is much more functional and may be able to prove itself in other applications beyond just a consumer hobby.

The Pocket Drone gets its name from the drone’s collapseable frame, which allows for the arms to be folded in on themselves, reducing down its size to be able to fit inside a small carrying tote.

The drone has three motors making it a tri-copter. The frame’s components are made out of carbon fiber and are easily replaced in the event of incurred damage.

It is billed as the ‘ultimate heavy lift microcopter’ and sports the ability to carry a GoPro camera as a payload.

This is pretty impressive for a drone of this size. Typically only larger drones with four or more motors have that lifting ability. Having a mounted camera will allow flyers to get some aerial videography going.

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The team is currently running a kickstarter campaign to fund the creation of the Pocket Drone, and so far it is wildly successful.

Their original goal of raising $35,000 is already up to $379,000, and still has 45 days to go. Incredible.

This project really speaks to the public’s interest in drones. As we start to hear about them more in the mainstream news, see people flying them in parks, or stumble upon kickstarters like this, the idea of having our own personal flying machine doesn’t seem as foreign to people.

This is Pocket Drones selling point. An easy to assemble and quick to fly drone make for the masses, more than other drones out there currently.

According to their website setup should only take around 20 seconds to unpackage the drone from its case and fold out the arms preparing it for flight.

The controls are also made to be easy for beginner flyers. The advanced version of the Pocket Drone can outfitted with GPS sensors for waypoint navigation and a ‘follow me’ mode that allows it to follow any GPS enabled tablet or phone.

The Pocket Drone’s popularity is great news for the drone community. We should be able to see them in the air within the next year.

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