Brace yourselves. DJI Phantom 4 is out!

Last update: March 3, 2016 by daniele

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*** Edit: Our Phantom 4 review can be found here***

Recently a few DJI Phantom 4 preview images were leaked. I was completely stoked, to say the least. To quench my curiosity I did some digging in, and found out that the announcement event was planned for 1st March in New York. Definitely something  to look forward to immediately after the Oscars (chuckles).

But suddenly to add fuel to the ongoing excitement, a new teaser video was launched by DJI, called “Return to Your Senses.” So before digging into the intricate details and know about the features,that might or might not be on the Phantom 4, let’s get a glimpse of the new drone shall we?

What to expect from the Phantom 4

According to some of the authorized DJI dealers, the target audience of the upcoming Phantom 4 would be quadcopter enthusiasts or hobbyists. Some of the confirmed facts that we can amass from the DJI Phantom preview are:

DJI Phantom 4 DJI Phantom 4 preview
  1. Price – The dealers were notified that the existing Phantom 3 Series would experience a price drop, and can be availed for $999. While it’s successor i.e. the Phantom 4 would come at a price tag at the vicinity of $1700. This extra $700 paid by the customers would surely equip the upcoming drone with a range of attractive features.
  2. Overall finish – The DJI Phantom 4 preview shows tall motor cans and a polished white plastic finish. The new gimbal provides additional stability by supporting the camera on both sides. Even the Visual Positioning System (VPS) is built into the body.
  3. Anti-vibration board – For the Phantom 3, vibration absorption board had to be used along with the soft plastic vibration dampeners. But the DJI Phantom 4 preview revealed a new style of dampener, which can let the camera rotate much further on the yaw axis, than previous Phantoms.
  4. New Intelligent Battery – The Phantom 4 preview shows a large ergonomic grip, which will let users remove the battery with ease. Also the evident increase in battery size indicates more flight time than it’s predecessors.

Rumours about the DJI Phantom 4

Now that you are well endowed with the confirmed intel, it’s time to mention the different features that were rumoured after watching the DJI Phantom 4 preview. Some of the speculations are:

  1. Follow me mode – As the name suggests, this mode will allow you to make the DJI Phantom 4 follow you wherever you go. This mode would be perfectly suitable for you, when you would be riding a bicycle and would want the Phantom 4 to follow you. As manoeuvring the copter while atop a bicycle is neither feasible nor safe, the wizards at DJI might be able to accomplish this feat by allowing the drone communicate with you GPS enabled smart-watch, phone or remote control, which you would be wearing or carrying in your backpack.
  2. Anti-collision technology – This is one feature, that all drone enthusiasts are looking up to. Whether or not a object avoidance be incorporated in still unknown. But in case if such system is present on it, the Phantom 4 with it’s ultrasonic sensors and integrated visual cameras,will be able to analyse obstacle distance & build a 3d image of areas surrounding the drone and safely evade them.
  3. Retractable landing gear – If present, this will put the latest DJI Phantom right in the Inspire1 class. Even though this utility won’t be a big of a deal, but it surely would look insanely cool.
  4. Safety features – DJI has a good relationship with the FAA. And to maintain the same in the near future, the Phantom 4 is bound to have a host of different safety features, like geofencing, & a few protocols to limit the drone from intruding in certain airspaces and stadiums.
  5. Brand new camera – Let’s face it, the 4k camera mounted on the Phantom 3 Pro isn’t bad at all. But do you know what’s better than a 4k camera? A 6K camera! Yes, you heard me. If you go by the rumours, it is speculated that the Phantom 4 would flaunt a 6K camera or at least a 4K camera, with a larger sensor.  This would significantly improve low light captures. And to up the ante, the new Phantom might also bring forth improved bitrate, higher frame rate and  color processing.

So judging by the confirmed features and the rumours doing the round post the DJI Phantom 4 preview, you must be thinking whether the P4 is worth spending the extra $700? I’d say, why not! DJI with its Phantom series had never seized to impress hobbyists and drone enthusiasts. And, given the protective and sturdy features that can be expected, the drone is definitely a good purchase for all who fly quadcopters for fun, or mean business. DJI also left a trail of breadcrumbs with their teaser video. And I am pretty sure that the Phantom 4 would definitely possess anti-collision technology. After all, that’s how a drone can RETURN TO its SENSES.


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