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By now you’ve likely already heard about the soon to be released DJI Mavic. Or rather, what everybody believes to be the DJI Mavic as DJI has not confirmed the release yet.

But if you ask me, all the signs do point in that direction.

So what is the DJI Mavic?

Before I answer that, let’s start with what it’s not.

The DJI Mavic is not a replacement for the Phantom 4 (review here) nor for any of the other Phantoms or Inspires. It’s an addition to DJI’s line of products.

As DJI hasn’t put out an official statement about the DJI Mavic yet I’m going to have to guess a bit. But, to help me guess there are leaked pictures and statements from DJI officials.

Let’s take the pictures first.

DJI Mavic

Is the DJI Mavic foldable?

The first thing I see is that indeed, as many others have already said, the DJI Mavic is foldable. It could never fly as it’s shown in the pictures.

Aside from that it looks like the camera is not integrated like it is with products from other companies (Yuneec Breeze, Parrot Bebop). Instead, it appears to be attached underneath the body. Just like the other DJI Products.

How big is the DJI Mavic?

Aside from that the pictures show that the Mavic is probably a (relatively) small drone when we look at the camera size in comparison to the overall size.

DJI Mavic rumors featured image

Aside from that the pictures show that the DJI Mavic is probably a (relatively) small drone when we look at the camera size in comparison to the overall size.

Statement about new release

This is right along the lines of what a DJI official mentioned in a recent interview:”“Size is going to be an issue. Also ease of use.”

So most likely we can expect the Mavic to be a small drone, that’s easy to use. This could also mean that the DJI Mavic might be controlled from a mobile phone entirely, like the Breeze and the Bebop. After all, that might make it (seem) more easy to use for new pilots. If nothing else it will make it easier to carry the drone along as it’s one less item we’d have to carry.

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DJI Mavic Rumors

So far I’ve heard a couple of rumors about the DJI Mavic.

2 Of those I’ve just confirmed based on the leaked pictures, the quadcopter is small and it’s foldable.

But there is more.


According to the rumors the drone will have a 4k camera and this camera will be stabilized with a two-axis gimbal. Looking at the pictures again that does seem very likely to be true as well.

The camera is also rumored to provide a 720p stream back to the devices but there are conflicting rumors about the technology used for this. Some sites mention that it will be over Wi-Fi but a couple of sites have mentioned that it could also be LightBridge. Unless DJI goes back to releasing several models like they did with the DJI Phantom 3 we will have to wait and see.

If the DJI Mavic is indeed meant to compete with quadcopters like the Breeze and Bebop then it does make sense to use Wi-Fi. Using Wi-Fi would keep the price down. And although it would also reduce the range, that shouldn’t be a big problem for people that want a fun/selfie drone.


The DJI Mavic is said to weigh 650 gr / 1.43 lbs. This would also confirm that the Mavic is a small quadcopter so based on what I’ve seen that could very well be correct indeed.

dji-mavic-press-conferenceRelease date

DJI has announced a press conference in New York on 27 September 2016. Given that they often release a new product at the press conference this is also the most likely date the DJI Mavic will be released.

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What do I think about the DJI Mavic?

As I’ve hinted at already, I think DJI plans to take on quadcopters like the Parrot Bebop and the recently released Yuneec Breeze with this new release.

And that makes perfect sense. DJI is already doing well in the prosumer segment with the Inspire series and it dominates the consumer segment with the DJI Phantom 4 (and the DJI Phantom 3). So why wouldn’t they have a go at the recreational / selfie user as well? I would if I worked for DJI.

Discuss the DJI Mavic

There you have it, the rumors I’ve heard about the DJI Mavic.

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DJI Press Conference teaser video


New leaked DJI Mavic pictures:

DJI Mavic Leaked

DJI Mavic Leaked










DJI Mavic leaked

DJI Mavic leaked

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