Best Drones for Christmas 2015 – for all budgets

Best Drones for Christmas

The chilly nights and the cold dry breeze is enough to remind you of Christmas. And now that Christmas is at a stone’s throw, it is time for you to brainstorm some cool gift for your kids or siblings. And what better gift can the kids expect than a quadcopter that they can hover, fly and maneuver around on their holidays, and click some epic images and footages as well. So to help you out in choosing the best drones for Christmas 2015, we have penned down 5 quadcopter models that are the most apt gifts for this holiday season.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is expecting one million new drones up in the skies by end of the year… if this doesn’t scare you, keep reading!

These different drone models mentioned below, have been put under categories to help you chose the right one that suits your needs. So read on and find out what these quadcopters have in store for you.

Best for beginners: UDI U818A-1

If I were to describe Discovery’s UDI U818A-1 in one word, it would be “Sturdy”. This quadcopter is best for budding Drone enthusiasts or hobbyists. It has an impact resistant frame and a HD camera mounted at the centre along with LEDs in the front and bottom. You can also perform 3D rolls & flips using the copter, at the mere push of a button. The camera mounted on the UDI U818A-1, is capable of capturing stunning pictures and can also record footages in 1280*720p at 30fps.
The robust 500mAh battery can support 7-9 minutes of flight and can be easily charged using a USB charger.

It is a perfect gift for a hobbyist or a 14+ kid whose sole aim is simply to have fun.

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Best for kids: Hubsan X4 Quadcopter

If the quadcopter that you are searching for needs to be durable yet affordable, then the Hubsan X4 is the quadcopter you should opt for. It is built on a single piece frame and is equipped with a 6-axis gyroscope for great stability when shooting aerial videos.

The quadcopter can be easily flown, and thanks to the high capacity LiPO battery, you can enjoy over 10 minutes of flight time. The provision for USB charging makes recharging easy and while on the move. It’s light weight, stable yet rigid build makes it easy to be operated by any kid. With this cool drone, your kid is definitely going to have a great time flying it around.

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Best for indoor: SYMA X5C EXPLORER

Bad weather and minimal lighting condition at night can rob the young folks of the opportunity to fly their quadcopter in the open, and that is why indoor drones are becoming popular by every passing day.

The SYMA X5C EXPLORER is one such drone. It weighs merely 1.4 pounds and is equipped with a phenomenal HD camera which is capable of capturing great stills and videos. The 6-axis gyro & wind resistant structure ensures great stability during indoor and outdoor flights, and also allows you to perform flips and 360 degree stunts at the press of a button. The 2GB Micro SD card slot allows you to store the images and footages captured during flight and seamlessly transfer them to other devices.

No wonder this is number 1 best seller in the ‘Hobby RC helicopters’ Amazon category!

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Best for FPV: ARRIS X-Speed FPV 250 Racer Mini Drone

The ARRIS X-Speed Racer Mini Drone is for those who has at least some prior experience with RC Helicopters.

The frame, motor, flight controller, the 700 TVL camera and the propellers come unassembled, and you yourself need to assemble it. The light weight carbon fiber frame is sturdy and can easily survive from a minor crash. Damper balls have also been added to the frame to subdue any unwanted vibration while flying. Apart from the high speed flying action, you can also indulge in some good quality aerial photography using the first person view (FPV) camera.

If assembling the quadcopter is one of your major concerns, then you can relax. The quadcopter kit comes with a well-documented instruction manual & CD that provides you every minute detail as to how you can assemble the UAV. And thanks to the integrated PDB, you can bid adieu to all the wiring mess.

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Best for aerial photography: DJI Phantom 3 Professional

The DJI Phantom 3 Professional is definitely the best of the beasts.

Along with great flying experience, you would be able to capture unparallel video footage and capture crystal clear images. The Phantom 3 flaunts a 4K Ultra HD Video Camera, and the video positioning system, along with the 3-axis gimbal  provides stable flights and crisp video footages while using the copter indoors or outdoors.

To your amazement, it supports live streaming in 720p as well as simultaneous recording on internal microSD card. The complete assembled set up comes with rechargeable remote controller, and you can test it out immediately after unboxing it. To top it off, using the DJI Pilot app on iOS or Android device, you can view as well as control the Phantom’s camera using you phone or tablet.

Given its amazing configuration and spectrum of features, the DJI Phantom 3 would prove to extremely appealing to all quadcopter and photography enthusiasts and it’s the undisputed leader in this category.

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Now that you are aware of some of the best drones for Christmas 2015, you can chose the one that suits your needs. And once you have done ordering the same, I can personally ensure you that, when the kids (or adults alike) open their boxes, you would absolutely relish the million dollar smile on their face.

So why wait, order a drone of your choice and spread fun & frolic in your family!

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  1. Charles (Bud) Jones says:

    There is one you missed– stable, great with gimbal, long range, long times (30 Min)– yes — the Detect XK X 380. Price is reasonable– will go up.


  2. Ian says:

    You ignored the very advanced, very stable, 4K camera-equipped Yuneec Typhoon 500 4K. Much more stable flier, and better at landings than the DJI offering.

  3. Flycamteam says:

    I love my Inspire 1! It’s very easy to fly. Also, I like the dual controller, because I get to include my wife in the fun.

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