The Best Drone Brands of 2015

DJI Phantom 3 Preview

According to study conducted by Forbes, more than 127,000 drones have been sold on eBay alone since March 2014. The sheer sales quantity indicates the popularity, usefulness and how well these quadcopters & toy helicopters are perceived by the masses.

These quadcopters are fun to play with, comes with a lot of different attractive functionality and can also be used by beginners and professionals alike to capture stunning aerial video footage and snaps. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and find out some of the leading UAV manufacturers.


dji logoDJI

Website: DJI

This Chinese drone manufacturer is the most recognized brand for hobby helicopter. DJI manufactured the well known Phantom 3 & the recently launched Spreading Wings S1000. It lets you mount a camera of your own and is widely used by beginners and professionals alike.



Yuneec logoYuneec

Website: Yuneec

Yuneec is best known for their radio control drones, Typhoon and Tornado. Since their humble inception in 1999, the Hong Kong based drone manufacturers are well known for capturing ultra high quality footages and stills. They also introduced the Sterdygrip which is often used and recommended by various action sports enthusiasts.



Estes logoESTES

Website: Estes

Best known for the Dart and Proto-X copter, the U.S. based Estes is also manufactures a range of other quadcopters and other RC controlled aircrafts. It is also known for manufacturing small rockets and especially caters to modellers and hobbists. Estes products are meant to be explored and modified by customer, to suit their personal needs and taste.

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Heli-Max logoHeli-max

Website: Heli-max

The U.S based Heli-max is known for creating cutting edge helicopter and drones that are best suited for beginners as well as experts. Their creations are generally easy to fly and built for indoor as well as outdoor flights. Heli-max is best known for their series of high end toy helicopters and provides user the choice to select from a range of different “Ready to Fly” variants.



Hubsan logoHubsan

Website :Hubsan

Husban, the drone manufacturers from China is best known for their range of hobby quadcopters. The most notable ones being the SpyHawk and the X4, which are known for their capability of capturing HQ footages and their precise return to home feature. The company had it’s humble inception in 2010 now they focus on strengthening their R&D while simultaneously catering to the demands of the masses for their existing products.



Parrot logoParrot

Website: Parrot

Parrot is a French drone manufacturer. Since their inception in 1994, they have enjoyed a devoted fan-base. They are leading manufacturer of civil drones and are best known for AR Drone 2.0 and the new MiniDrones. They have state of the art skycontrollers and an array of different parrot drones. They also provide free app updates to bring forth the top-notch performance out of their drones.



skyrocket logoSky Rocket

Website: Sky Rocket

The company is best known for their high performance X-Quad Stunt Quadcopter. It is also known for manufacturing other toys, bicycle accessories and sporting goods. They have earned numerous accolades and bagged top industry awards in Outdoor and Innovative categories as well.

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Syma logoSyma

Website: Syma

Syma, Chinese drone manufacturer is a well-known civilian drone manufacturer and is best known for their X-series quadcopters. This electric Co-axial Micro helicopter series was built for beginners and experts alike. Syma’s parallel focus on meeting their worldwide drone demands as well as doing ample R&D to match the competitive drone industry helps them to innovate at every possible step. Real time first person view is what they are best known for.



UDI r/c logoUDI

Website: UDI

UDI, based in China, manufactures a range of quadcopters and is well known for their affordability & value for money. Most of the drones from the stables of UDI are light weight yet sturdy. Compared to other quadcopters, they are power efficient and flaunt a much longer flight time than other competitors. The UDI U818A-1 being one such drone.



walkera logoWalkera

Website: Walkera

Walkera is another popular Chinese drone manufacturer, that flaunts cult following. It is best known for their drone’s capability of recording in first person view. The company’s backbone lies in the capable hands of over 1000 senior engineers and skillful workers. They especially emphasize on integrating together mechanics, electronics,  aerodynamics & software, and protect them by several patents.



WLtoys quadcoptersWL Toys

Website: WL Toys

This Chinese drone and toy helicopter manufacturer has produced a range of different other RC toys. Their drones, and other RC toys are easy to assemble and maneuver. For WL Toys, their primary target audience are the hobbists and those who want to tweak and manually configure the various mechanical capabilities present in these RC toys.

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