3DR Solo Quadcopter Review

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3DR Solo3D Robotics Solo

3DR Solo has officially been released to the public and to retailers alike. The Solo is setting the drone market in a roar and is creating a buzz from many of the industry experts. Well priced, with some of the latest features, the 3DR Solo may be the smartest drone on the market.

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The Looks

The 3DR Solo is a sleek looking drone; with its all black gloss finish body, black propeller, landing gear and black controller. The battery for this drone sits on top and dead center. 3DR positioned the battery in the center to help with weight distribution. The Solo comes with a mount for the GoPro 4, that can be easily mounted on the bottom portion of the drone. Completed with red and green lights for easily recognition of the front and back of the drone. This drone looks like something the military would us.
3DR Solo

The Specs

The Solo is equipped with some of the newest processing programs and is said to have a brain. Stocked with two twin 1GHz processors the run Linux, HD video streaming capabilities, pre-programmed path flights, GPS enabled and full GoPro mount ability. The Solo also include a lithium ion battery which will give this drone about a 20 minutes fly time without payload attached, 15 minutes with a payload. Max speed is about 55 miles per hour. Max height is to FAA regulation at 400 feet and the drone weight a mere 3.3 pounds with out a GoPro. The drone uses about 6 satellites for positioning purposes.


Like most drone the Solo comes fairly ready to fly out of the box. Attach the 4 propeller, click in the battery and you are ready to go. The box includes the drone, remote, battery and one GoPro mount. The gimbal and GoPro are sold separately.
3DR Solo


The 3DR Solo was designed to use a GoPro. The engineers at 3DR worked closely with GoPro to make sure the two units work flawlessly together. The Solo is fully compatible with the GoPro HERO3+ and HERO4. Therefore the Solo generates extremely clear video, images and the gimbal is said to create very stable footage.

With a full-featured mobile app for both iOS and Android you cant go wrong with this drone. Choose between a live view from the camera or a satellite view of your selected shot, control your GoPro, and even change how the controller responds to commands all through your cell phone. The Solo’s ergonomic controller is built specifically for aerial photography. Its video game-style design breaks from the clunky and complicated RC tradition, so it feels familiar to even new pilots.



The Solo is set to give DJI Phantoms a run for their money. 3DR recruited Colin Guinn, a former DJI CEO of North America. Guinn helped lead the design and marketing efforts for the DJI Phantoms in the Americas. The DJI Phantom series is the number one selling drone line in the world. Thanks in part to a series of popular YouTube videos where Guinn showed off the Phantom’s capabilities. Guinn became well known to hobbyists in the drone community through his videos.

In February of 2014 he departed with his DJI team and started a career with 3D Robotics (3DR). At 3DR, Guinn’s official title is chief revenue officer but his role at the company is much larger than the title suggests.

Guinn has helped to make the 3DR Solo an easy flying machine. The 3DR Solo is ready to go out of the box. All you need to do is to pick up the controller and hit “FLY.” The rotors spin up, and suddenly Solo is safely in the air, hovering 10 or so feet off the ground. The world’s most advanced Pixhawk 2 autopilot system will keep the drone in place until you start playing with the controls. The 3DR is equipped with a “selfie mode” with a couple taps the 3DR Solo zooms off into the sky, then slowly flies back in, keeping whatever perfectly in frame. The 3DR Solo has a flight range of about a half a mile before the drone is out of range.

Like most newer drones the 3DR Solo is equipped with GPS. The drone can self take off and self land incase of an emergency. If the drone gets out of range, batteries get to low, the drone will return where it launched and will land itself safely. Guinn stressed that the drone must be easy to fly and user friendly.

Buy 3DR Solo Quadcopter on Amazon


The 3DR Solo hit the drone market in the begging of July and has been flying off the shelves. 3DR limited the amount of retailers that would carry the drone in both the US and European market.  The Solo is set to give the Phantom a run for their money. With ease of use, a great phone app, there isn’t much wrong with this drone.


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