Walkera Furious 320 Race Drone Review

Last update: July 31, 2016 by QuadHangar

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Fast and stable. Easy to fly for a race drone


Heavy, cornering not as good as the lighter 250 race drones


This is a great drone if you like to fly fast but don't care about winning official races. If your preferred car is a luxury sports car then this is the quadcopter for you.

By now you’ve probably heard that Walkera is back with another cool looking machine, the Walkera Furious 320 Race Drone!

Walkera advertises the Furious 320 as their latest and greatest race drone and, with a top speed of 120km/h (about 75mph. Yes, I know some other sites say 80mph but ask Google to do the math if you don’t trust me), the Walkera Furious 320 is very fast. So, from that point of view, it makes sense that Walkera has put the Furious 320 on the market as a race drone. Or does it?

Let’s first look at what the Walkera Furious 320 offers before we answer that question.

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Let’s first look at the specs

Main Rotor Dia. 167mm
Overall (L x W x H) 328x254x118mm
Weight 810g
Remote Controller DEVO 10
Receiver DEVO-RX712
Main Controller FCS-FURIOUS 320(C)
Emitter TX5821(FCC) / TX5820(CE)
Brushless Motor WK-WS-28-015(CW/CCW)
Brushless ESC FURIOUS 320(CW/CCW)
Battery 14.8V 2600mAh 25C 4S Li-Po
Flight Time 9~10 min
Working Temperature -10℃ ~ +40℃
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Walkera Furious 320 RTF

Walkera Furious 320 Race Drone front

Like a lot of Walkera products, the Walkera Furious 320 comes with a remote controller included. Now there is something to be said for selling a drone with a RC as well as something for selling it without RC. But in my opinion, you need to include the remote if you sell a quadcopter as RTF. After all, you can’t fly it without one.

And although  RTF means ready to fly, RTF does not mean “ready for the drone racing experience”. To really get the race experience you’ll want an FPV (First Person View) kit to go with your Walkera Furios 320 as well.

You can either choose to buy the Walkera Furious 320 as a complete kit with FPV Goggles or you can choose your own fpv goggles to use, FatShark being the goggles of choice for many pilots.

Something to keep in mind when you decide that the Walkera Furious 320 is the race drone for you.

That brings us back to the race drone part.

Is the Walkera Furious 320 really a race drone?

Like I already said, Walkera markets the Furious 320 as a race drone and it’s definitely fast. However, there is a catch.

The tilt-motors (they tilt when the pilot speeds up the quadcopter) are what helps the Furious 320 reach its top speed. It’s a technique that appears to work very well.

And it’s this technique that makes the quad fast. But, at 1100 gram (2.4 lbs) it’s not as nimble as other race drones out on the market.

As already said, with it’s tilting motors the Walkera Furious 320 has been designed to go forward really fast. How that works is actually quite simple. By tilting the motors the Walkera’s body stays level which in turn reduces airdrag. And thsi definitely makes the drone very fast. But a race course is not just about going fast in a straight line. A race course also has corners.

And although this quadcopter still does a great job cornering compared to camera drones, it’s not as responsive as a the very light 250 race drones you see flying around. If you’ve ever flown one of those you’ll definitely notice the difference as soon as you steer the Furious 32o into it’s first turn. It just needs a bit more time.

Aside from that, if you get the standard version of the drone, there is a bit of lag in the camera. Yes, the Walkera Furious 320 has better video quality, but lag is not ideal in a race drone. After all, you’re relying on the camera’s feed to make split second decisions. If you receive that feed with a bit of a delay that pole in the middle of the course can close in real fast.

In the quad’s defense though, you can also get the Furious 320 with a 800 tvl camera. Obviously the image quality will go down but you’ll also get rid of the lag. So I guess that’s something else to keep in mind if you plan to race with the Furious 320.

Is the Walkera Furious 320 comparable to a dragster or a race car?

Yes, I’ve seen them too. There are several reviews out there in which people compare the Walkera Furious 320 to a dragster instead of a race car. And although I can see where they’re coming from, I I don’t think that’s quite right either. Dragsters are build with one thing in mind, speed. Comfort isn’t even an afterthought, it’s not thought about at all.

And this is where the Walkera Furious 320 is different. It’s a great machine that’s actually quite easy to fly, and it comes with a pretty decent camera. So in this case comfort was definitely on the designer’s mind. And, in my opinion, that makes the 320 more like a luxury sports car than a dragster. You can go fast with it, but you still have comfort (good quality video, relatively easy control). Just like you would in a Porsche or Lamborghini.


In the end, what I can say about the Walkera Furious 320 is this; it’s a fun machine and it’s fast!

If you like speed, you want to have fun while going really fast and you still want decent video quality then the Furious 320 is a great quadcopter. It might even be just the drone you’ve been looking for. It’s super fun to fly and if you haven’t tried racing yet, it might get you started on your way. If nothing else, it’ll give you the feeling you only get from flying really fast!

Or maybe you’ll decide that just going fast is enough. After all, not everybody cares about winning races. In that case it’ll still be fast and fun.

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But, if you want the best possible video and photo quality over speed, have a look at the DJI Phantom 4 or the Yuneec Typhoon H instead. These were made to carry 4k cameras and shoot super stable video. Speed on the other hand was less important to the designers.

And if you want speed and good cornering but don’t care about the video quality, just get a “real” race drone instead. I’ll review some of those in the near future so if you’re interested in that, subscribe to our newsletter.

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