Updated firmware for better video on your BeBop

Parrot Bebop quadcopter

As you may have noticed I like the Parrot Bebop. Although there are many other quadcopters that I love as well there is just something about the Bebop. Maybe it’s because it was the first “real” quad I owned but I still have lots of fun whenever I fly the Bebop.

But there was one thing that still disappointed me a bit, the video quality. Although it’s good it just wasn’t as good as for some other UAVs I’ve flown. But that should change now.

Just 2 weeks ago Parrot released new firmware, version 3.3, for the Parrot Bebop 1 and the Parrot Bebop 2. The new firmware includes the latest FreeFlight E.V.P update. E.V.P (Enhanced Video Processing) is a set of features designed to improve the capture quality of the Parrot Bebop Drones. It improves both brightness and sharpness of the video which should make a big difference to the final result.

Parrot Bebop Firmware 3.3 before after

Images courtesy of Parrot.com

The new firmware has got new video settings to improve the quality of your footage and to make your footage easier to edit. The video processing has been optimized in several areas and shows improvements in exposure measurement, noise reduction. It also improves image compression.

With the new video settings the Bebop records video with less compression. it’ll use 30Mb/s instead of the 20Mb/s the current firmware uses. You can now also select the number of frames per second : 30FPS, 24FPS, or 25FPS.

Parrot Bebop Firmware update 3.3 video settings

if you want to you can also turn Roll stabilization off which will show improvements when the banked turn mode is turned on. And you can prioritize video quality over inclination speed. This will make for smoother video during acceleration.

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In their email Parrot announcing the says: “Now you can enjoy optimal video quality on your Bebop. With a better measure of exposure, digital noise reduction, and better compression, your videos will be breathtakingly sharp.” I hope to confirm this soon but for now here is another image from Parrot to show the difference.

Parrot Bebop Firmware 3.3 before after 2

So if you own a Parrot Bebop this is the moment for you to upgrade your firmware and enjoy even better quality video!

You can download this firmware update for the Parrot Bebop here and the update for the Parrot Bebop 2 here.

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