UDI U818A-1 (HD) Quadcopter Review

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UDI U818A-1
Wingspan: 330×340 mm
Weight: 998gr/2.2lbs
Flying Time: 7-9 minutes
Battery Type: 3.7V 500 mAh LiPo
Charging Time: 90-120 minutes
Working Frequency: 2.4GHz
Control Channels: 4 Channels
Communication Distance: 80m
Camera: HD: 1280 x 720p @30FPS
SD Card: 2GB Micro SD Card

UDI 818A HDRecently I was in the look-out for a quadcopter that I could gift to my kid. The specifications were pretty obvious, i.e. it should be easy to use, sturdy (kids do love the word CRASH) and can be used for aerial photography & filming footage. As I have never tried my hands on one, after a lot of comparison and going through numerous posts online, I opted for the UDI U818A-1 Quadcopter.

UDI U818A-1 Quadcopter

The UDI U818A-1 Quadcopter review

The U818A-1 is the successor of the UDI U818A, a long time best seller here on QuadHangar. Compared with the predecessor, the U818A-1 has an upgraded HD camera, compared to the SD camera available with the former. The memory slot can be loaded with a 2GB microSD card (upto 64GB) & can record video & click images in AVI & jpeg format respectively. The powerful yet compact 500mAh battery aids in increasing the flight time & performance of the 2 pound quadcopter.

No wonder it’s numbered 2 in Hobby RC Helicopters category on Amazon this holiday season!

The quadcopter flaunts some great features like:

  • 6 AXIS GYRO with posture control
  • 4 CHANNEL RC controller
  • Forward facing HD camera
  • Impact resistant frame
  • Two 7v 500mAh batteries
  • USB battery charger

The package consisted of the quadcopter, the controller, two batteries, a USB charger, a 2GB microSD card , spare parts along with 4 propellers and an instruction manual.

The quadcopter itself had an impact-resistant frame attached to it, which was quite sturdy. Also the HD camera was mounted at the center along with a slot for inserting a microSD card. The quadcopter had a guiding LED attached at the front, and a few LED strips at the bottom.

The RC transmitter was well built and had a number of different handy build in features like, speed control, the ability to swap between video filming and clicking images and two aerial flip buttons. This blue colored UDI U818A-1 Quadcopter looks pretty neat and my kid couldn’t wait to try it out, so he started flying it indoors. But after a few crashes, he was able to maneuver it with ease. Also the robust frame or the propeller protectors made sure that these minor crashes had almost no effect on the functioning of the quadcopter.

When we took the copter out, we were amazed by its agility and speed. Thanks to the 6 axis gyro, it responded well to throttle and was able to sustain a specified height. But the most amazing feature of this quadcopter was it’s camera and it’s ability to perform incredibly 3D rolls and flips. The camera is capable of capturing impeccable high quality images and is also capable of capturing high definition video footage in 720p (HD) at 30fps. You can even use the LED at front to signal your friends. After a full battery charge, we were able to fly the UDI U818A-1 Quadcopter for 7 to 9 minutes. Once exhausted, the USB charger made charging extremely easy, while the provision of another spare battery (included in the set), made sure that we could extend the flight time even further by simply replacing the discharged battery with the fully charged one. Thus after performing a thorough scrutiny of the same I am penning down some of the significant pros and few setbacks of this UAV.


  • Good choice for beginners and hobbists – If you are a beginner or want to turn yourself in a serious hobbyist, the UDI U818A-1 Quadcopter can definitely be a strong contender. Thanks to it’s strong yet flexible protector, you can fly this drone both indoors and outdoors. You can even gift it to your kid (14+) or keep it all for yourself and have a good time hovering it around and creating some cool HD snaps and video footage.
  • Flip and roll feature – You should see it flip and roll in real life, to realize how cool this feature is. At a mere click of a button you can make the quadcopter perform a sidewise somersault in mid air and kept on hovering.
  • Camera quality – The camera present in this drone is capable of capturing HD images as well as 720p videos. The 3 gyroscopes and 3 accelerometers mandate motionless hovering and enables capturing footage with great color and white balance. All your captures are saved on the on-board 2GB microSD card and can be seamless transferred to PC and shared with ease.


  • Rigid camera angle – The camera is rigid and the viewing angle can’t be changed neither manually nor by remote. Also it has a little bit of downward tilt. Also the absence of a gimbal system makes your video turn along with the orientation of the drone.
  • Non-detachable frame – There is no provision for you to detach the frame. Thus in windy situations, the frame acts as a wind sale and pushes the copter around.

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After using the UDI U818A-1 Quadcopter thoroughly and weighing it’s pros and cons, I must say that it is the best all round quadcopter for beginners. Also comparing it with it’s predecessor, the U818A-1 has significant improvements (first of all, the HD camera).

Check the inexpensive list of accessories available for this model!

Instead, if you’re looking for a drone that can be flight in FPV, check out the Hubsan H107D and you won’t regret it.


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