Sky Viper Quadcopter Review

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Sky Viper
Wingspan: 280×280 mm
Flying Time: 4-5 minutes
Battery Type: 3.7V LiPo
Charging Time: 30 minutes
Controller: 2.4GHz
Camera: No Camera

By Bob Hammell

sky viper quadcopterI have been flying quadcopters ever since they have been available to the public and they are honestly my guilty pleasure!

I am constantly trying to get my hands on a new one every chance I get, but that is only when the wife allows it. I try to stay in a lower price range so that I am able to get a new one more often.

Even for less than $100, I can always find a quad that has new features, making the flying experience different than the last. In my most recent search for a new quad, I settled on trying out the new Sky Rocket Toys Sky Viper quadcopter.

Since Sky Rocket Toys is known for their original and innovative designs, I had a feeling I was making a good choice; boy was I right!

Diagonally from blade to blade, it measures 16” so this is no tiny, cheap quadcopter. The body is constructed from carbon fiber which keeps it lightweight while also remaining sturdy and heavy duty.

There are virtually two different designs for this quad that allow you to fly it indoors and outdoors while still being able to withstand most crashes.

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Included with this Sky Viper is a removable foam body for indoor flying which helps to prevent damage to your quad and damage to the surrounding areas.

Flying with the bumper on indoors to get some practice is probably a good idea before you take it off and fly outdoors.

I have noticed that when I am flying it outside without the foam bumper, it seems to fly better and responds much better. You can fly it when it’s a bit windy out, but not much as it is a very lightweight piece of equipment.

Also when flying outdoors, be sure that you are in a very large open area without many trees. When you first take off and go straight up, it goes so high it will almost go out of sight so be sure to keep your eye on it and beware of tall trees!

Since I am an experienced quadcopter flier and I didn’t have a big learning curve, I haven’t crashed it much, but when I did, it survived every one.

Even though it’s lightweight and a delicate little gadget, it seems to withstand some pretty hard hits without getting more than a few scratches and bent propellers.

Thankfully with the quad there are some spare propellers included and a little screwdriver to switch them out. Those definitely come in handy because the propellers are the only things that ever get damaged when flying because this is such a sturdy quad.

sky viper quadcopter flyingOne big downside to this quad, or any quad for that matter, is the battery life. If you’re lucky, most quadcopters will last about 10 minutes in flight and that’s if you’re not in full power.

The Sky Viper’s battery lasts only 5 minutes if you’re just hovering and if you’re in full throttle, I’d be surprised if you get more than 3-4 minutes of flight time.

The one up side though is that the battery does take a substantially shorter amount of time to charge than other batteries; to fully charge one battery it takes about 30 minutes or so.

When I realized how short of a battery life this thing had, I immediately ordered three more batteries so that I could fly for at least 15-20 minutes at a time.

It’s hard to get in the amount of practice you need when you’re a beginner if you’re only flying in 3-5 minute spurts.

A big bonus for me since I am somewhat of a quad veteran, is the advanced settings feature on the Sky Viper. In the advanced settings you can go up, down, left, or right along with being able to enable stunt mode.

This allows you to do barrel rolls and spin it either clockwise or counterclockwise. When doing such tricks, I always make sure that I am in a very large area with no trees and also no wind.

To get the most responsiveness out of your quad, fly it outside with the foam off and in advanced mode; this will give you maximum control and help you when you really need it!

Finding a quadcopter for under 100 dollars is never really a problem, but finding one that performs great, can do tricks, and can take a hit all for under 100 dollars can be an issue at times.

It takes a bit of hunting online but somehow, I always manage to find something in my price range that is the quality I am looking for. This Sky Viper turned out to be a great buy and something that I would buy for any child or adult that is into RC gadgets.

This particular one has been a lot of fun thanks to its ability to perform tricks and be flown in advanced mode.

The foam bumpers were a great add on for indoor flying but the quad is definitely not as responsive when those are on. All in all, I would buy this over again in a second because I have been just that thrilled with it!

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