FAA: quadcopters are not dangerous to people

0.0 00 The FAA published an article about the danger of quadcopter accidents when they involve people. In short it comes to the conclusion that quadcopters are not dangerous to people. So, contrary to popular belief, the risks associated with quadcopters falling out of the sky are much smaller than people thought. Although the FAA says they can’t […]

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GoPro Karma Recall

0.0 00 GoPro has decided to recall all Karma’s as a problem has occurred with some of them. You can read the announcement below:   GoPro Announces Karma Recall and Refund Program Today we announced the recall of the approximately 2,500 Karma drones purchased by consumers since October 23.  The recall was announced after GoPro […]

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GoPro Karma, GoPro’s foldable drone

GoPro Karma Release

0.0 00 It’s finally here!! GoPro has finally released the long awaited GoPro Karma! Or rather, revealed it at a press conference today. The press conference covered new products like the GoPro Hero 5 and the Hero 5 Session (with voice control), and after several delays earlier this year, the GoPro Karma finally came to the market […]

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Gearbest Fantastic Fall – September Sale

GearBest Fantastic Fall Sale

0.0 00 GearBest has kicked off their September sale, Fantastic Fall, with some great deals! As we are used to from GearBest, when they have their sales, you can get products at steeply discounted prices. All you have to do is make sure you’re quick enough as some of the deals are time limited. GearBest Flash […]

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DJI Mavic Rumors

0.0 00 By now you’ve likely already heard about the soon to be released DJI Mavic. Or rather, what everybody believes to be the DJI Mavic as DJI has not confirmed the release yet. But if you ask me, all the signs do point in that direction. So what is the DJI Mavic? Before I answer […]

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Karma Rumours – release 19 September 2016

GoPro Karma Rumors

0.0 00 Edit: The GoPro Karma has now been officially announced. Read all about the Karma by clicking this link.       Even if hadn’t announced the date the Karma will be available to the public (19 September 2016), given all the teasers GoPro is putting out, we can clearly see we’re getting closer […]

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Many Hobby Drone Pilots may need a FAA Remote Pilot Certificate after all to fly their UAS while complying with the rules

0.0 00 As you most likely know, the new FAA regulations for drones (UAS) go into effect very soon (29 Aug 2016). This includes the requirement for a remote pilot license for anybody that flies their drone commercially. But it may also mean the need for a certificate for a lot of recreational pilots. The new regulation (Part […]

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Intel® Aero Ready-to-Fly UAV

Intel Aero RTF UAV Quad Drone

0.0 00 Intel® Aero Ready-to-Fly UAV Yesterday (Tuesday, 16 Aug 2016) Intel announced a new product, the Intel Aero RTF drone. Interestingly Intel chose to announce it on their developer forum rather than through the regualar drone news outlets. So let’s take a look at the Aero and the likely reasons why they chose to announce it this […]

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Updated firmware for better video on your BeBop

Parrot Bebop quadcopter

0.0 00 As you may have noticed I like the Parrot Bebop. Although there are many other quadcopters that I love as well there is just something about the Bebop. Maybe it’s because it was the first “real” quad I owned but I still have lots of fun whenever I fly the Bebop. But there […]

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First FAA-approved drone delivery, 3 times


2.0 01 As you may know, the majority of the buzz regarding drone deliveries has been around Amazon and Google. We’ve all heard their announcements and we’ve all heard about their tests. After all, that’s what the media has been focussing on. We even wrote about it here. But what we all seem to have […]

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