DJI Spark is here and it appears to be the ultimate selfie quad

DJI Spark

With the release of the DJI Spark today, DJI finally decided to focus a bit on a market segment it has ignored up to now, people with a lower budget. The DJI Spark is much smaller than the DJI Phantom 4 or even the DJI Mavic Pro and comes in at a lower price point. And it’s this lower price point that I think will make it more interesting for a lot of people.

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And before you jump at me, I know, it is still above the budget for a lot of people but at $499 it’s far lower priced than DJI’s other quadcopters. And you still get the DJI Intelligent flight modes. Not only that, but because it’s so small the DJI Spark is super easy to take with you wherever you go.

So what exactly is this DJI Spark?

The DJI Spark is DJI’s answer to quadcopters like the Yuneec Breeze, Parrot Bebop and a lot of the selfie drones that have been released lately. Yes, it’s more expensive but for that extra money DJI offers features like a gimbal, easy cinematic shots and gesture control.

Is the DJI Spark worth the extra money? First of all, that’s a debate that will never get an answer. People will always have their favorite brands. Just like some people prefer iPhones while others prefer Android. And although I’m an Android person I do have to admit that DJI probably has some of the most user friendly quadcopters on the market.

Their intelligent flight modes make it possible to pretty much fly a quadcopter without knowing anything about it.

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Personally I don’t think that’s a good thing so I always recommend people to use something like the Hubsan X4 or the Syma X5C as their first quadcopter. But you could fly any new DJI drone without any previous experience if you wanted to. And that includes the new DJI Spark. In fact, it’s probably the easiest DJI quadcopter you can fly.

So what does the DJI Spark offer?


Pre order DJI SparkTo answer that question I’ll run you through the DJI Spark’s specifications: The camera is stabilized by a 2 axis gimbal and has a 1 2/3 cmos censor that takes 12mp pictures and 1080p (30fps) video. It has both GPS & Glonass as well as DJI’s VPS (Visual Positioning System) and forward facing obstacle detection.

Flight time is about 16 minutes but you can get extra batteries for the DJI Spark to extend that. Aside from that you can charge the spark via a micro USB connection. So you can charge it anywhere you’d normally charge your phone.


DJI Spark Intelligent flight modes

Those of you who are familiar with DJI quadcopters know about special flight modes. And the DJI Spark includes some we know and some new ones.

Of the ones we know it includes Tap-Fly (tap on your screen and your quad flies to that point) and ActiveTrack (the DJI Spark tracks you). The new ones that DJI added to the Spark are: Shallow Focus (the camera focuses on the subject and blurs the background for a professional look) and Pano (it takes several pictures and stitches those together to create a panorama).

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With these flight modes anybody can easily create shots that used to be hard unless you practised a lot.


All in all I’d say this is a very exciting new product. If for now other reason than that it’ll force the competition to step up their game and improve their quadcopters. What do you think? Will you get the new DJI Spark? Or do you prefer another quadcopter? Let me know in the comments below or on facebook. And if you want to share this post with your friends you can do that either here or from our facebook page.

Click Here to pre-order the DJI Spark

Happy flying!

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