Recreational and Commercial drones: what are the differences?

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When it comes to drones or multirotors people think of camera drones, they think of videos and photos. However they are overlooking the more important aspects, while there are many drones out there with integrated 4k cameras which are designed and marketed for the average consumer, these drones aren’t multifunctional, you are limited to what you can do, see and experience.

Drones with an open payload system are far more versatile. Having an open platform means you’re not stuck with one payload or sensor, instead you have the world at your fingertips. Today you can record a Hollywood block buster, tomorrow you can be calculating stock piles at a quarry or even deliver emergency supplies to people stranded during a flood. The possibilities are endless.

The use of drones nowadays is becoming a part of everyday life for farmers, miners, fishermen, hunters and security forces. Changing the way people see the world.


The difference between a recreational drone and a commercial drone.

While recreational drones come in all different shapes and sizes, they are all designed in a similar way with very little or no room for customization or additional payloads – for example, common recreational drones such as the Phantom or Parrot Bebop. While very different in shape, they are very similar in technical aspects, both run their own flight controller and camera with built-in software and the capability to be controlled or viewed on a cellphone/Tablet. However they cannot be upgraded with ease, you are limited to what you can do and how you can do it, many do not come with waypoint navigation, therefore, cannot be used for autonomous flights.

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vader drone girlCommercial drones, on the other hand, are more thought through and are not limited to specific applications. What it lacks in simplicity is made up for in brute strength and versatility. For example, the SteadiDrone VADER can carry anything from a MicaSense Rededge camera for agriculture, to a RED Epic for filming those Hollywood block busters. They can also be used for search and rescue, delivering emergency supplies to people stranded by floods or fires, used at night for security surveillance or used to deliver cables from one side of a river to the other, thus reducing the negative effects on the environment and keeping the workers safe.

Whether you’re interested in commercial applications or recreational, there is a drone for everyone and every situation.

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    I can only dream of actually being able to afford a commercial drone… I’ll just have to be happy with my recreational one for now. But hey, it’s not all that bad.

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