About Us

Welcome to the QuadHangar! We’re a team of passionate drone flyers.


about meMy name is Bob Hammell and I’ve been into RC electronics since I was a kid. I started with RC cars and eventually made my way up to RC airplanes and helicopters, learning to fly them in my backyard.

In the recent years there has been a paradigm shift in RC flying as technology has brought the cost of electronics down to the consumer level. I’m now enthralled with what that has brought us, quadcopters, or as some would say, drones.

I have been getting my hands on all the different drone models I can in that time. Testing, flying, and getting a good idea of which ones are quality products. I decided to make this website to share some of my knowledge and experience with you. I’ll also be keeping you up to date on the latest in drone news.


about DanielMy name is Daniel and I’ve been an IT geek for most of my life. I enjoy everything that is tech-related and in recent years I started experimenting with websites and internet marketing. When I got hands on my first quadcopter, I had en epiphany. This technology is amazing and allows to see the world from a new perspective!

I joined QuadHangar to put together my passions – drones and web – in helping others getting literally ‘off the ground’.

Currently flying: Parrot Bebob nicknamed ‘Polyphemus’.
We hope you can gain a lot of information from the content which can help you decide which drone best meets your need before purchasing. If you have any questions, review requests, or just want to share your quad knowledge feel free to contact us!


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We use this program to help recover some of the costs that come from reviewing and testing various quadcopters. So if you buy any product via one of the links on our site you are actually helping us review more products in the future.