5 best selling new quads on GearBest – August 2016


As you may have seen, just recently I looked at the 10 best drones under 100 on Amazon according to Amazon’s best seller lists.

But that pretty much shows us the drones that are already established in the market. What about new drones though? The ones that have just recently been released. After all, manufacturers release new products all the time. So what are some of the latest and greatest toy quadcopters that are new on the market.

I couldn’t find this information on Amazon so I turned to the friendly people at Gearbest.com.

They kindly provided with me with a list of the 5 best selling new quads on their site. Below you’ll find them ordered by price, from low to high. Obviously, prices mentioned are at the time of writing and are subject to change. You can check the current prices for the quadcopters using the provided links.


GPTOYS F51C RC QuadcopterGPTOYS F51C RC Quadcopter

I can’t believe that I didn’t know about this one yet. For less than $35 you can get this cute little drone that has headless mode and is waterproof.

That’s right, the GPTOYS F51C is a waterproof drone!

No need to worry about unexpected rain-showers or accidental water landings. It’ll just float around. and even if it submerges you can just bring it up and fly off again. Amazing! And you can get it for less than $35. I know I mentioned that already but I’m just really excited about it.

You can find the current price and specifications here: GPTOYS F51C





At first glance the LiDiRC L15W appears to be Syma clone. Or maybe even a re-branded Syma. Which in itself is not a bad thing. I’m a big fan of Syma as they offer quite a lot for their price. And the LiDiRC L15W offers the same at an ever lower price ($40.59). 

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With “throw to fly“, headless mode the ability to do 360 degree flips, altitude hold and WiFi FPV it’s a fun flyer for anybody starting out with drones or for anybody looking to have a bit of fun flying without wanting to spend too much.

That means it should appeal to a lot of people, as is obvious from the amount of sales on the Gearbest site as well.

You can find the current price and specifications here: LiDiRC L15W




The JJRC H11WH comes with an integrated phone holder and the ability to move the camera up and down. Two nice features that we generally don’t find in drones at this price ($65.99).

The remote feels a bit rubbery which matches the drone’s look. This also provides a really nice grip. And, unlike with some other quadcopters, all the buttons are all easily reached when operating the JJRC H11WH.

You can find the current price and specifications here: JJRC H11WH





Another JJRC quad. This one comes with a remote controller that even includes an LCD display and a real-time FPV monitor. The FPV monitor has it’s own sunshade so you’re able to see what’s happening on the screen when the sun is out as well.

Obviously this is reflected in the price making this quad a bit more expensive than the other ones so far; $79.54. But, it seems wel worth it for the nice fpv experience it offers.

The speed can be adjusted entirely so you could turn it to 10% if you’re a beginner and then turn it up to higher speeds as you get more experienced.

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You can find the current price and specifications here:  JJRC H32GH




The BAYANGTOYS X16 is the most expensive one of this list at 112.59. But, you do get powerful brush-less motors. It’s fun to fly, can handle a bit of wind and has a pretty decent range.

And there is one major advantage, once you become more proficient and you want a bit more from your drone you can upgrade the camera. You can use something like an Xiaomi Yi Action Sports camera ($82.84) to get better quality video and you can even add a Walkera G – 2D Camera Gimbal ($63.89) to stabilize the footage as you can see in the video below.

So although this is technically still a toy quadcopter we can consider it a hobby quad that can grow with you as you evolve as a pilot.

A very nice drone indeed.

You can find the current price and specifications here: BAYANGTOYS X16


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